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Ecommerce Features

We can offer you the features listed below for your ecommerce website.

Advanced Store Merchandising

» Specify minimum value of order
» Specify maximum value of order
» Add surcharges
» Make discounts and surcharges time-expiring
» Restrict discounts and surcharges to specific payment methods
» Apply a comprehensive range of discounts and surcharges to any product or group of products e.g.‘3 for the price of 2’, ‘BOGOF’ etc
» Restrict discounts to specific customer groups
» Have discounts triggered by entering a coupon code

Enhanced Customer Service

» Add custom email templates e.g. 'product out of stock'
» Colour-code orders
» Change order quantities on the desktop
» Enter and process telephone, fax, post and email orders on the desktop
» Add new items to an order on the desktop
» Add comments to orders
» Include thumbnail images in the search results
» Enforce agreement with terms and conditions
» Faster loading of orders when there are large numbers of orders in the database

Enhancements for site development

» Updated look and feel
» Toolbars customisability, moveable and dockable
» Single installer can install any of the main products
» New 'Quick Start Tutorial' guide
» Real-time resizeable preview window
» Properties of selected objects always visible.
» Alternative screen layouts
» Display the same product in more than one place in the catalogue
» Open any image in the catalogue in your image editor by a right-click menu selection
» Insert fragments containing text, product links and additional images anywhere in the catalogue
» Only show fragments to specific customer groups
» Accelerated customer account creation when there is only one buyer

Improved Online Marketing & Commercial Protection

» Anti-spam email measures
» Update to search engine performance features

Increased value as Standard

» Support for downloadable products such as images, documents, software and MP3 music
» Link for Sage Line 50 and QuickBooks included as standard

Technical Enhancements

» SMTP user name and password validation supported for mail servers that require it.
» Operations controlled by Customvars put into the standard UI
» Ability to switch to test mode so that test web sites can be created
» /q (Quit) option added to external activation