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Each hosting account supplied from Zakoo has the following features

empty Subdomains - eg. <subdomain>

empty Domain Pointers - Multiple domains on one account!

empty MySQL Databases - High-performance industry standard

empty POP3 Email accounts - eg.

empty Email Forwarders - Re-direct email to alternative addresses

empty Mailing Lists - Keep in touch by creating a list of members

empty Catch all Email box - Make sure you receive mis-directed email

empty Full PHP Apache API+Binary Support - Running the latest stable PHP builds

empty Perl Version: 5.x - Industry-standard scripting language/CGI

empty C & Python - For powerful scripting

empty Server Side Includes  - Include pages into your HTML documents

empty SSH access - For advanced editing and configuring 'server side'

empty Access to webmail - From anywhere in the world, full webmail applications

empty Site statistics - Statistics on visitors, in multiple forms

empty Password protected directories. - Keep private information under lock-and-key

empty FREE CGI scripts - Auto-installable CGI scripts to get you started

empty Download daily backups - Make sure you're always fully backed up

empty Run CRON Jobs - Timed execution of commands

empty IMAP Support - Very popular email collection method

empty Outgoing SMTP - Send your mail via mail.<domainname>.tld

empty Add Apache handlers (MIME types) - Control how your pages are handled by the webserver

empty FREE Search engine submission - To help put your site onto popular search engines

empty Free Network Tools (eg. Tracert) - Help self-diagnose possible problems

empty Access to RAW Logs - For you to download and process at your leisure

empty Custom Error pages - Customise your 404, 502 etc. error pages

empty Access file manage - r Manage your files through a web interface

empty Manage FTP accounts - Add/Remove additional FTP accounts for your webspace

empty Free Forums - Auto-installable forums are 'ready to go'

empty PGPkeys - Keep email transmissions secure

empty Free Chatroom - Installable on every website

empty Spam Filtering - Powerful and customisable Spam detection

empty Modify MX Entries - Redirect mail resources to another location

empty Macromedia Shockwave - A powerful network means fast downloads

empty Macromedia Flash - Make your website come alive

empty PhpMyAdmin Access - Powerful mySQL administration application

empty WAP/WML/Wireless Support - WAP enable your website by customising handlers

empty XML Support - Compiled into PHP

empty Free Perl Module Installs - Need a specific module? Drop us a line

empty Zend Optimizer installed - For use with PHP