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Setting up Neomail

When you first use NeoMail, it will need to gather some information about you to better configure NeoMail to suit your needs. You will be prompted to click proceed to the NeoMail configuration screen when you log in for the first time.

There are a few questions you need to fill in, you do not have to fill in all the options.

Language: This is your preferred language.

Real Name: This is what will appear on your outgoing emails and can be anything you wish.

From: This is the email address that will appear in the from field to your recipient.

Reply to: This is the email address you wish the recipient to reply to (leave blank if you have no special request).

Style: This is the theme that the control panel for NeoMail will use, can be defined by user.

Default sort: This is how your emails will be displayed, die new to old, from groups of people etc.

Messages per page: Sets how many emails will be displayed per page, can be set up to 100 per page.

Default Headers: This sets the options for which headers you will see when you click on an email. Setting to Simple headers will be sufficient.

Signature: Here you can type your name, address or other short message. This will appear in all outgoing email.

When you have filled in all the above options you can then proceed to your email box.

Using NeoMail

When you have set up all the features of NeoMail you are ready to start sending and receiving email, you will not have to fill in the above each time.

NeoMail is very basic in looks and features but has everything you need to send email on the move. When you log in you are presented with minimum options ..

NeoMail Gui image

1. Drop down menu to jump to email folder such as INBOX, SENT ITEMS, NEOMAIL TRASH ..

2. Compose New Message - Click on to send new email.

3. Refresh - To collect any new email.

4. User Preferences - Settings to add new accounts or edit existing.

5. Address Book - To store contacts email addresses.

6. Folders - Create folders to organise email.

7. Empty Trash - Empty the trash can that stores deleted email.

8. Logout - Log out of NeoMail.

9. Page indication - Shows you which page you are viewing with back and forward navigation.

10. Drop down menu with bulk action which moves selected items to selected folder.