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Website Services on offer at Zakoo Designs

Website Design

Each website we make is tailor made for the individual company. You may be thinking about having your first website but are not really sure how to go about it. We will take care of everything for you, all you need to do is give us some information on your company and we will come back to you with a plan to suit your needs. We will explain to you our plan, where you will have the chance to give us feedback. When we have agreed a target for the website Zakoo Designs will put everything in writing for your reference. We then would ask you for the relevant information we need to commence work.

If you are a Thanet based company ask us about how you can get funding to help cover the costs for your website and hosting. We work closely with Business Link, who are based in Victoria Road, Margate. Zakoo Designs is an official supplier of website's to local business that are funded by Business Link.

When we have designed your website we will give you all the original files backed up on to CD. When the site is finished and been paid for the design and contents of the website will become your property.

Website Re-design

As with everything website's can look tired after a few years and need to be given a face lift. We have lots of experience at re-designing website's to meet the needs of companies as they grow. We look at the website and pick up on it's strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your wishes we can take the whole site apart and design it again from scratch. Or maybe you just need to change some text as your prices have changed or your service terms need updating. What ever your needs come talk to us!


Have you ever searched for something to buy online? If you have you will know millions of companies have their products online for the world to buy! If you have products to sell and do not have an e-commerce website you are missing out!

A lot of companies are scared because they think there will be huge costs. If for example you own a shop, you have the shop you are paying all the costs of running the store, you have your stock and if you're turning over you know people want your products! Well it's time to put your products online and all of a sudden you have a shop in every town, in every country! After the initial cost of building the website it will run itself.

After we have set up the website for you, we will then give you an option to manage your website and offer you or any member of staff training. If you do not have the time to manage your own website we can arrange a monthly fee with you and do it for you, i.e. put new products online as you expand your stock.

We will supply you with a friendly program to use on your computer that will alert you and download orders for you securely! Security worries a lot of people but we can guarantee that your shop will be secure. Your customers will feel safe shopping from you!

If you are still not sure if e-commerce is right for you, contact us and let us answer all your queries!

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We offer hosting to all of our clients at good rates! Our hosting service is run on secure servers that have a fast connection to the internet and can handle lots of visitors. There are no hidden costs for setting up email accounts or using PHP on the account because this is all supplied as standard. You will have access to web stats that will give you information on visitors to your website.

Each hosting package is made to suit the needs of the client. We will not over sell you features you will not need!

Full list of features here

After Support

Once we have made your website if you wish you can ask us to manage it for you. This means if you want to make changes you call/email us your changes and we do it for an hourly fee. We offer various after support packages you can pay in advance for a set hours a month or pay as you go!

All options will be discussed with you and written in to your contract when you agree for us to commence work on your website.

IT Support

Although we have expert knowledge of the computing industry we like to refer our clients to a company that deal solely in IT services. Time is a factor and we need to channel our energies in to our clients website needs. We can give support for small task's such as setting up email or other common windows tasks.